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Manhole Cover Riser

  • Manhole Cover Riser
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The RubberForm's US and Canadian Patented Manhole Cover Riser is the smart, effective alternative to the expense of raising the manhole riser structure to the new paved road surface. Just place the Manhole Cover Riser down onto the existing steel manhole cover, then carriage bolt and glue the manhole cover down from the top. RubberForm’s Manhole Cover Riser discs are designed out of 100% heavy-duty recycled rubber for long-lasting performance. Our Manhole Cover Risers are available in various diameters, pavement grade depths/heights to meet the existing or newly paved road. A temporary or semi-permanent alternative before the need to raise the whole entire manhole riser structure. Motorists will now be able to drive over these manholes in confidence as our Manhole Cover Riser will conform around the paved surface.

  • US and Canadian Patents
  • Resistant to temperature variations, UV light, oils/fuels, salts, moisture and damage – without tearing, chipping, cracking or crumbling.
  • Provides a smooth ride for passing motorists.
  • Extremely durable: tough enough for heavy traffic.
  • Flexible: conforms to road curvature and any asphalt surface.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Made in the USA from durable recycled tire rubber
  • Reusable, making them highly cost-effective.
  • Easy to stack and store.
  • Easy to install, easy to move by one person.
Manhole Cover Riser
Manhole Cover Riser
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Round Man Hole Come Masticated Rubber Riser
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